About us

MCS Spain (Management Consulting Services Spain) is formed by professionals with large experience in projects and services, both in Spain and internationally.

Our Portfolio includes: Agil Coaching/Digital Transformation, Social Media Analytics, ECM/BPM/GDPR Solutions, RPA (Robotics Process Automation) projects, Financial/Tresury Aplications, etc. Additionally, Its activities are aimed at development projects and services to international companies around leading solutions such as SAP, BUSINESS OBJECTS, OPEN TEXT, DOXIS4, etc.



MCS SPAIN is a leading company in the sale of IT Projects and Services, based on its fundamental values: knowledge of the spanish and international market, experience in the implementation of software solutions both in Spain and Latin America markets, relations with customers and professionals in Spain and Latin America, knowledge of both Spain and Latin America business opportunities.



MCS Spain mission is to provide specialized and complex technological services for multinational projects which require dynamism and flexibility, and the ability to deal with challenges not satisfied by providers of products and services of general purpose.


Our values

MCS Spain is based on fundamental principles that are our Guide for the development of the activities, attitudes and policies of the company. These principles are:

  • Efforts of the whole team
  • Commitment to our customers, projects and the team
  • Constant pursuit of excellence
  • Results-oriented
  • Respect for ethical principles

In this way, MCS Spain is committed to development of a corporate culture based on solidarity, dedication to service, efficiency, integrity and profitability.


Our goals

Values will lead to MCS Spain to the achievement of our goals:

  • Maintain a leadership position
  • Corporate development, personnel and professional
  • Bringing to market a differential value
  • Achieving excellence in our projects/services
  • Contribute to the social development

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