Functional and Technical Consulting

MCS Spain based the success of projects in the identification and use of the methodology best suited to the type of project, in the adoption of the recommended technological environments, in the use of the techniques and tools that facilitate the structuring of the tasks a clear definition of the objectives and requirements, a thorough functional knowledge of the business area concerned team work and documentation since the start of the project and in monitoring and tight control of the same.

On the other hand, in MCS Spain we are convinced of the need for achievement of the first operating results in a short time and therefore the desirability of an evolutionary development and a permanent involvement user to avoid deviations between what was expected and what actually retrieved.

Our consulting services include:

  • Initial consultancy feasibility study - identification and assessment of possible solutions
  • Analysis and assessment of risks and contingency plans
  • Analysis of information system
  • Solution design
  • Assessment of the scope and planning of time and resources.


Implementation of Software Solutions

At MCS SPAIN we are convinced that the implementation of a software solution requires an appropriate choice of software solutions, there is no perfect solution, however if there is a better solution for each case. On the other hand, proper planning of tasks, a sizing and planning of resources (human and technical), a knowledge of the "business" and their needs, a customer knowledge of 'culture' is precise and consequently make a "Change Management " consistent with the reality of the company and of the sector itself.


Once insured the knowledge, the resources, and "the best solution", the key element for the success of a project is the total involvement of the professionals who constitute the project team, since the members of the MCS SPAIN team until all levels of customer (users and top executives).


The tasks associated with the implementation: configuration, customization, developments complementary measure, integration with other systems, vertical and horizontal testing, training and implementation in production are easy if the requirements mentioned in the previous points.

Functional consulting


MCS Spain contributes to the improvement of the management of large and medium-sized enterprises providing functional consulting services around Software market leading solutions such as SAP, BUSINESS OBJECTS, be SOLUTIONS, ORAQUO, etc.


Collaboration begins with the analysis of customer requirements, design the best solution both to the business and the company, construction, configuration and adaptation of the system to implement, training of users, accompanying the customer during the implementation of the new system as well as further technical support and maintenance.

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