Professional services


Professional services and technical assistance are intended to meet extraordinary workloads of clients, needs whose scope is uncertain at the beginning of the provision of services, specific requirements on technologies I products not dominated by the area IT customer, etc.

MCS Spain provides these services to the client with professionals whose technological knowledge and experience to respond to the specific characteristics and the customer's computing environment. The scope of these services is also adapt to the requirements of the client may vary from specific needs with an indefinite or long-term services.

Professional services include a wide range of profiles, such as:

Functional Consultants and Technicians experts in:

  • ERPs (SAP)
  • Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Treasury, financial instruments, securities deposits Management
  • Capital markets management
  • Document Management
  • Etc.

IT experts:

  • Different development environments (Java, .NET, ASP, PHP, COBOL, NATURAL,...)
  • WEB and mobile applications development
  • Administration and systems management
  • Data Bases Management
  • Administration and systems support management
  • Etc.

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