Systems Outsourcing

Under this modality, provided managed services in the field of administration, management and support of systems (servers, databases, networks, communications and security), which establishes service level agreements according to the characteristics of the client and service needs.


The services offered cover the fundamental aspects of the maintenance: preventive, corrective and evolutionary. These services can be:


  • Systems architecture. Acting with the customer as if MCS Spain your systems manager, analysing possible solutions, recommending, valuing, etc. and facilitating relevant decision-making.


  • Systems and network management. Installing, managing and updating the software of the systems, managing users, monitoring and improving the performance of servers and network, managing the physical and logical security systems, facilitating the resolution of hardware and software problems, etc.


  • Administration and management of data Bases. Managing storage space, monitoring and improving the performance of the databases and applications, managing the backups, etc.


  • Service and support to end users. Providing 1st level support to users in the incidences of hardware, systems and office automation software and the functional associated with corporate applications, installing and updating the software of the user, maintaining and managing the computer inventory that users use and is dispersed and usually uncontrolled in the majority of organizations.



Technical infrastructure


The services offered by MCS Spain aims that customer can walk away from purely technological aspects and/or systems management dedicating exclusively to its pure business.

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