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CyberFinancial, Intelligence in Recovery


In a Company, it is not only necessary to devise winning business strategies and significant market share. If our customers fail to pay, it will become a burden for our company difficult to overcome. And it is basic to know how to deal with this, in order to collect in the quickest and completest manner and with the smallest cost possible, maintaining a loyal customer relationship.


CyberFinancial is a complete modular solution that covers from end to end the recovery process.


Internal recovery (including early recovery), recovery from branches, recovery by external agencies, legal recovery, write-offs, or management of allocated assets.

Y lo hace utilizando la inteligencia de negocio, que en el mundo del recobro y las recuperaciones, pasa por entender los tipos de deudas y de deudores, valorar las cuentas y las capacidades de crédito, establecer estrategias de recobro ganadoras para cada segmento de deuda/deudor y valorar los resultados para reconducirlas, utilizando métodos como el Champion Challenger.


To achieve this, CyberFinancial uses business intelligence, which, in the area of recovery, involves understanding the types of debts and debtors, accounts value and credit capabilities, establishing winning strategies for each recovery segment debt / debtor and assessing the results to improve them, using methods such as Champion Challenger.


In the process of global recovery, there are several participants (Recovery Agencies, Legal Offices, Credit Portfolio and Allocated Assets Managers, etc.), and for all of them, it is important to effectively manage their participation.


CyberFinancial includes the allocation and reallocation of portfolios to the different external agents, based on business rules and using decision trees, the recovery efficiency valuation in order to reallocate portfolios (goal setting and commissions calculation are fundamental to the success of the recovery), as well as the delivery of the portfolios to different law firms in the legal phase and the control of legal deadlines and legal costs.


CyberFinancial was developed by INFFINIX SOFTWARE, and it is an outstanding solution for global recovery worldwide, although we can find in Centre and South America its most important references, since the problem of recovery has been historically significant in this area.


Many of the most important banks (North American, Mexican, Brazilian, Chilean, etc.), have implemented CyberFinancial.


Some of the most important international Utility companies (Communications, Energy, etc.) have also implemented this solution.


Major Retail international groups have improved their recovery area management, thanks to CyberFinancial.


Finance Companies, Recovery Agencies and other companies from different sectors are also successfully using CyberFinancial to improve their Recovery area.


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