MCS Spain, through collaboration agreements with leading companies in its sector, includes in its portfolio products and market leading solutions with multiple references.

MCS Spain is able to carry out projects at the international level, offering and integrating complete and complex solutions.



It is a Financial Management Solution for large to middle size Corporations, that provides:


  • Reliable and Up date information. Treasury, Currencies and Interest Rate.
  • Forecasting. According to different forecasting environments and sensitivity to P&L Analysis.
  • Financial deals settlement.
  • Financing, Investment & Derivatives Management.
  • Administrative Tasks.
  • Accountant entries and banking confirmations.
  • Statistics. Business per Financial Company
  • Management Reports Financial Reports (average outstanding debt and interest rates, financial expenses, Board Meeting reports…) consolidated or per company.


What offers SIMS*AFIN?


SIMS*AFIN has a wide enough functional scope, as to solve the most exacting demands of financial departments in a most reliable and efficient way.


  • Risk Control Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, de Liquidity, Third Parties, Coverings, etc.
  • Analysis & Forecasting
  • Projections, Average Balances & Interest rates, both in euros and foreign currencies, Financing Improvement, Deals IRR, Financial Instruments IRR, both with or without covering, exchange rate variations adjustment simulation.
  • Communications Banking Communications and Confirmations, Investments, Financing, Derivatives, etc.
  • Accountancy Banking Cash-flows, Accruals (interest rates and other expenses), Long to Short Term Transfers, expense capitalization, manual entries (corrections), Exchange Rates Variations adjustment entries.


Advantages SIMS*AFIN


SIMS*AFIN is developed on ORACLE tools (Designer & Developer), which grants the user a safe and solid product, with the following aspect:


  1. Web.
  2. Graphic users’ interface.
  3. Multi-currency & Multi-company.
  4. Excel compatible.
  5. Quick and easy User’s Queries(Discoverer).
  6. Integrated with other Enterprise Systems, such as SAP.
  7. FINANCIAL, Reuter, Telerate, Cerg Finance, E-Cash…

That together with controls, helps, alarms and list of values in the system, makes of SIMS*AFIN SAFE, FLEXIBLE, INTUITIVE and FRIENDLY financial manager.


Why invest in SIMS*AFIN?


On top of the previous advantages of SIMS*AFIN, that widely recommend the system, we may add that:


  • SIMS*AFIN is a completely Spanish software, developed by INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones, that may be easily customized to the user.
  • A high level maintenance team gives a quick and efficient answer to any doubt that may arise.
  • INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones has a big team of IT professionals, with financial applications expertise, this grants the adjustment of the system to market changes
  • SIMS*AFIN implementation, customizing and training included, is quick and simple.
  • SIMS*AFIN is the best result of a close cooperation between INFISA Consultoría y Aplicaciones and the financial departments of some of the largest companies in Spain.

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