MCS Spain, through collaboration agreements with leading companies in its sector, includes in its portfolio products and market leading solutions with multiple references.

MCS Spain is able to carry out projects at the international level, offering and integrating complete and complex solutions.


Oraquo Analytics


Intelligence to listen, measure and understand the conversation about your brand online.


Oraquo Analyticsis able to search, classify and analyze the Internet to create personalized reports that can be used to quantify the value of your brand's online interactions.

ORAQUO is a set of Social Marketing tools to detect, monitor and enhance the consumer experience, automates the discovery of opinions, trends and perceptions online.


ORAQUO includes solutions for search, monitoring, processing and analysis of information in digital media to distinguish trends, streamline social media and measuring brand performance.


ORAQUO incorporates semantic technologies, NLP (natural language processing), AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data,..., applied in digital marketing, Social Media Analytics, business intelligence, communication and public relations, competitive intelligence, and many more.


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