MCS Spain, through collaboration agreements with leading companies in its sector, includes in its portfolio products and market leading solutions with multiple references.

MCS Spain is able to carry out projects at the international level, offering and integrating complete and complex solutions.

The Traditional Planning Models based on parameters have already evolved into others based in high competence. The GEFI “WCM Dynamic” model and tools, provide a new solution at the disposal of financial departments and of the Senior Executives of the Company, to support decision making and the implementation of strategies leading to success


The methods and methodologies used up till now, have proved insufficient for an efficient assessment of future opportunities, and even less adequate for the evaluation of risks and different alternatives.


The parameters and indicators, local and global, are constantly evolving, and supported by technology even faster. Therefore, high competence and company management centres, must take this into account and change with the times.


The “WCM Dynamic” proposed model, enables Financial Departments to take the initiative towards a management based on reality but with a strong commitment towards predictive models.


The main drivers for ‘WCM Dynamic’ are:


  • Knowledge of results and historical series.
  • Systematic analysis of customers, suppliers, financial institutions and public administration.
  • Multiple predictive environments.
  • Calculation and evolution of strategic models.


All this should enable the decision taking support to focus on actions such as:


  • Get a rapid knowledge of reality.
  • Strengthen and / or develop business lines.
  • Establish policies with customers, suppliers, etc.
  • Anticipate on product or relationship strategies.
  • Identify and neutralize risks

























GeFi tools


The “WCM Dynamic” methodology development is closely linked to information management, its validation, organisation and quick evaluation under multiple environments.


For that purpose GeFi was developed. GeFi is an application suites that provides everything required to fit each corporation and enrich the model with the information and the necessary calculation potential.


The main features of GeFi are:


  • Unified and modular platform,
  • Multi-company and multi-currency
  • Three layers design, with browser and service interfaces
  • With standards for integration with leading ERP, as well as proprietary systems
  • With powerful and quick simulation engines



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