Document management

We advise you by proposing new ways of working and incorporating new operating methodologies in digital processes.

Our specialties

We use different technologies that, combined, allow robots to interact more and better with the world, working with structured and unstructured data.

Document and enterprise content management (ECM)

MCS supports its clients in the design and implementation of ECM solutions with the aim of structuring documentation and content throughout the company. We streamline, organize and control access to them, in addition to providing tools to ensure compliance and other business requirements. The best possible foundation is in place for any digital transformation plan.

Definition and organizational environment


The typification and structuring of the data at the departmental level ensure the proper execution of the ECM projects. MCS has the best solution for it. It has professionals specialized in the definition, implementation and continuous development of this type of environment, always offering the best solution and technology according to the real needs of each company.

Archiving, custody and processes


We ensure systems for the maintenance and deletion of data in a fully controlled manner and in accordance with the legal and internal compliance of its clients. Workflows are key when it comes to formalizing procedures and streamlining daily tasks between people, departments and suppliers. For this, MCS offers a consultancy focused on integrating these flows together with content management.