IT strategic consulting and operations

Evaluation of the company’s ecosystem and the business plan, to align both strategies in a single vector.

How we perform the services

MCS is a digital transformation consultancy that combines business advisory skills with technological capabilities.

Strategic IT and operations consulting services

MCS offers specific products for markets by business size, sector and process. We are experts in appropriate technologies for each business sector, covering systems, management and collaborative models. We provide capacity development with our own teams, combined with alliances of technology partners.

  • PMO, technical and business governance plan for the definition of the portfolio of projects and priorities.
  • Digital transformation plan, identification of objectives and detailed roadmap.
  • Plan of technology sizing and training systems, to the needs of the business.
  • Technological benchmarking, selection of the correct technological path for the business reality.

Business management, ERP's and technological platforms

MCS acquires the commitment to define a project following realistic and successful indications under the criteria of a business platform, for which we must assume these guidelines:

  • Integrative capabilities with the technological ecosystem.
  • Extensive validation both technologically and functionally.
  • We flexibly facilitate ad hoc functional compliance.
  • Adaptation to continuous improvement.
  • We are located within the budgeted economic parameters.

Business management services and ERP's

  • Gap analysis of the level of functional compliance required for the business.
  • Dimensioning of customization and developments in terms of time and costs.
  • Implementation strategy appropriate to business requirements.
  • Adaptation plan tailored to continuous improvement and changes in business needs.