Interactive robotics

Intelligent process automation

We have professional experts in process redesign, management and execution, training and auditing of automation projects.

Our Knowledge

We employ different technologies that, in combination, allow robots to interact more and better with the world, working with structured and unstructured data.

Automation with software robots

We cover the entire process automation cycle in all business areas using RPA (Robotic Process Automation)..

  • Blueprism
  • Uipath
  • Antworks
  • HelpSystems
  • Kofax

Data analytics


We integrate process data with external BI systems (Splunk, Kibana, etc.) and generate integrations with other business systems.

How? Through proprietary developments and algorithms such as:

  • APIfication and RPA
  • Human in the middle
  • Neural networks
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical analysis

Artificial intelligence


We extend automation capabilities by integrating AI services from various vendors such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Expert Systems, among others.

  • Machine vision
  • Voice processing
  • Natural language processing
  • Machine learning
  • Translation

Our services

Intelligent automation success

Process analysis

We evangelise and carry out the identification (inventory) of your processes and flows.... of work to identify those administrative and repetitive tasks, helping you to choose those processes to be robotised, identifying the ones that will bring the most benefits to your company.

Automate processes

We have a practical methodology developed to meet all standards, covering the entire automation cycle in an agile way, with no surprises and ensuring business benefits.

Robot operation and maintenance

We ensure performance, optimisation of operation and troubleshooting... and evolution of automated processes, obtaining a permanent benefit in line with regulatory compliance..

Robots as a service (RaaS)

We provide Cloud services (Blueprism and Uipath on MS Azure).... , based on pay-as-you-go models and in line with all the quality and safety requirements that a robot production environment needs..

Governance of automation

We help define the automation strategy and establish an automation model.... The governance framework ranging from organisation, people training and demand management to methodology and automation service model.


We provide different types of training depending on the needs. Automation Management Course. Blueprism Developer course and advanced Blueprism Developer course.