Doxis is based on the combination of 4 technological pillars:
First of all, it is a unique platform for archiving, document management and BPM process management. Second, we continue to define Doxis as a “no-code” configuration and parameterization environment, which requires no additional programming. Third, it is a 3rd generation BPM, which allows the user to extend the pre-built static processes. And finally, it provides advanced cognitive services, based on proprietary AI and ML tools.

As a direct consequence, the costs and times associated with the different document management and BPM projects are reduced by up to 80%.

Doxis functional modules


Archiving with a guarantee of integrity and adjusted to legality, management of storage systems, virtualization and ILM.


Management and processing of "living" documents, teamwork (collaboration), versioning of files and annotations.


Universal solution for files, information cockpit, dynamic records, classification plans, personal and contract files, client files and much more.


Automated processing of received mail, fax, email, specialized solutions, such as invoice processing.

Business Process management

Development of electronic processes, work baskets for groups and employees who work individually, complex or ad hoc workflows.


ECM for Microsoft Office and SharePoint, SAP, MS Dynamics NAV and AX, universal interface for integration into any system environment.

The role of an ECM

What role does it play?

Single repository for the entire company.

360º vision on permissions, metadata and integrations, etc.

Avoid disconnected information silos.

Vertical plug&play solutions.