ost large companies know that there is one critical element in their business strategy: financial management. We offer two solutions to help you with financial management: sims*afin and dynamic wcm + GeFi.

The WCM Dynamic + GeFi solution is particularly designed to facilitate the vision of the future and the decision making of the economic-financial areas of public and private corporations.

Financial management solutions


It is a flexible tool that covers the entire financial management process. SIMS*AFIN allows you to project your financial position into the future, based on previously defined business rules, and offers different alternatives so that you can plan and make the best decisions in this area..

  • It offers a platform on which to record financial transactions of all kinds and is capable of managing the daily processes carried out in both the front and back office in a mechanised manner.
  • It generates all the calculations to be sent to accounting and treasury movements, in order to manage the different positions and forecasts.
  • It has a reporting and BI system that allows information to be exported for analysis and decision making, as well as for the preparation of management reports and dashboards for senior management..

WCM Dinámico + GeFi

The Dynamic WCM model makes it possible to take the initiative towards a management based on reality but with a strong commitment to predictive models. This makes it possible to:

  • Quickly get to know the reality.
  • Strengthening and/or evolving business lines.
  • Establish customer and supplier initiatives.
  • Anticipating product or relationship strategies.
  • Identify and neutralise risks.

The development of this methodology is linked to the management of information and data processing thanks to the unified GeFi platform, which encompasses:

  • Audit and security.
  • Parameterisation and management of masters and standards.
  • Financial statement aggregation, business rules management, simulation and planning.
  • Financial Operations Management.
  • Cash Management Integration.
  • Management and administration of guarantee and collateral lines and finance management.
  • Electronic document library management and reporting.
  • Risk management (policies, claims, files).