Allevo uses the SAP ERP Excel front-end as the data entry interface for planning and reporting. The SAP-embedded Excel front-end is completely secure, as SAP authorizations prevent unauthorized access. You no longer have to deal with separate Excel files, as all processes and postings are done exclusively in SAP ERP. SAP ERP maintains complete control over your data: master, transaction, and authorization data that exists only in SAP ERP.

Allevo complements SAP with workflow properties, custom structures for additional calculations and specialized tasks, as well as highly flexible control of posting processes.

How does it work
SAP-Excel Allevo?


…it becomes in an integral part of SAP ERP.

… takes care of the communication between Excel and SAP.

Allevo Workplace...

Allevo integrates Excel into SAP ERP.
In addition, Allevo makes a copy of your Excel template.

We call the Excel template Allevo Master.


… uses the SAP user and SAP master data.
… reads the variable data – plan and actual – from SAP.


… plan in Allevo Workplace (Excel interface).
… backed by Excel formulas


… post plan data to SAP.
… cost elements, activity types and key figures.